FIFA Mobile allows the player to change their team, giving them the opportunity to try out new players, adjust formation, or upgrade their existing squad members. The changing process is straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps. Let me guide you through the changing process.

How To Change Team In FIFA Mobile

The first thing you must do is reset your entire team. Resetting your team allows you to select and create a new squad. To reset the team, you can follow the following instructions.

Navigate To The Team Management Option

Launch the FIFA Soccer MOD APK on your mobile and sign in to your game account. Afterward, search for the main menu, typically present at the upper right corner of the screen, represented by a gear icon. After opening the main menu, search for the “Team Management” option and click on it.

In the “Team Management” option, you will come across your current squad. Navigate to the option “Reset Team” and click on it.

Reset Your Team

In addition, a confirmation notification will appear, asking for your permission to proceed with the squad reset. After you have pressed yes, your entire team or lineup will be erased, and you can pick a new preferred team.

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After you have reset your team, it is time for you to create a new squad. To select a new team, search for the option “Play” from the main menu. This will lead you to the various game modes available in the FIFA Mobile app.

Choose a New Team

Afterwards, according to your playing style and preferences, you have the option to choose from either “VS Attack” mode or the “League” mode. These modes have their own distinctive gaming style and challenges. Lastly, once you have selected the mode, search for the “Change Team” option; you can typically find it in the team management area or settings.

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FIFA game offers the players a long list of games, so scroll through the list to select your favorite team. After successfully selecting a new team, confirm your decision to switch your team. After selecting a new team, you need to adjust the player’s positions and tactics to match how you like to play.

Verify the Team Change

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Moreover, if you only desire to change the players, you can do so by navigating to the “Team Management” option. This option displays your current lineups, so to change players, just click on their position in the lineups. A list will pop up on the screen; from this list, select the player you wish to substitute for the current one.

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Change Players

In conclusion, the FIFA Mobile app offers players the opportunity to change their squad, players, and kit. Changing a squad does not require any complex process, and you can change it by simply following the steps mentioned in the guide. However, before selecting a new team, keep in mind important factors, including player ratings, their chemistry, and your playing style.