EA Sports has revealed the list of events for the future. A new year is about to begin, which will bring new events in the EA FIFA World, the football game. The game is based on multiple events, as there are daily, weekly, monthly, and long-duration events.

FIFA Mobile New Event

In these events, one can play leagues with different teams, such as the Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester matches. These events are held by the game to entertain people and bring opportunities to collect coins. Let’s see the new events of the game and when these events will be held in the near future.

FIFA Mobile is a dynamic world of events in which different teams of football come to play matches against each other. The team that wins the event receives thousands of points in return, plus other rewards such as the team formation or selection of different players. These events are very entertaining for EA Sports FC Mobile Soccer MOD APK users, that’s why they wait for the next one as a previous event ends.

In this table, you can clearly see the upcoming events of the EA FIFA World mobile version. It is possible that other versions may have different events, but the majority of the events are planned for the mobile version. The purpose of designing so many events is to engage people in entertainment and provide them with an opportunity to prove themselves.

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FIFA Mobile New Event

The dates are final, but it is possible that these dates may change in the future, depending on the circumstances. The events are confirmed, and the organizations for these events are final. In 2024, you will see all these events in your game.

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  • TOTW: The Team of the Week event is on air right now; you can participate in this event by tapping a “join” button.
  • FUT Champs: The event is for players who want to rank up and gather more coins. In these events, your team may play with others consecutively and win matches to level up.

FIFA Mobile is the future of virtual football as one can do all those activities he wants to perform on the field. The difference is that here, you can play with your favorite players and win the events to gather more coins. The list of coins is in front of you, so do not wait and join an event as soon as possible.