Finding the Best Formation in FIFA Mobile is nearly impossible because everybody has a different gameplay style. So, you can not expect people to guide you in this matter because what they deem best might not be suitable for your style. So, what you need is proper guidance on different kinds of formations in FIFA Mobile MOD APK and their effects on the overall game and its outcomes.

After that, you may try to play these formations yourself and then decide which one suits you the most. In the following article, I will enlighten you all on the top three of the most successful and widely used formations. So, with that being said, let’s get down to business, shall we?

The 4-3-3 Attack formation is hands down one of the best and most widely used formations in FIFA mobile. It is a perfect blend of offensive and defensive approaches. The four defenders act as the girth of the team, whereas the front trio of midfielders act as defenders as well as attackers.

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4-3-3 Attack Formation Approach

Overall, this formation provides maximum goal-scoring opportunities from various aspects. Hence, you will have an upper hand throughout the game.

If you are the kind of a player who tends to play the game more aggressively, then the 3-4-3 diamond approach is ideal for you. It provides excellent defense from the sides and a constant goal-scoring potential at the front. This approach overwhelms the opposition and gives you the upper hand.

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3-4-3 Diamond Formation

The 4-2-4 formation approach is for professional and highly trained players of FIFA mobile. It is a highly offensive approach that puts relentless pressure on the opposite side. This formation has the highest potential to weaken the defense of the other team.

3. 4-2-4 Formation Approach

One thing you need to be mindful of about this formation approach is that it does not put too much focus on the defense. So, the other team could easily score against you if you begin to lack in your aggressive gameplay.

So, these were the three Best Formations in FIFA Mobile, in my opinion. You may also disagree with me, depending on your own gaming style.

Some people prefer to play on the defensive by building a very strong core. The 4-3-3 Attack formation is ideal for such individuals.

For those who prefer a more aggressive style and pay less heed to the defensive formation, the 3-4-3 Diamond approach is the ideal formation. They usually tend to have the upper hand by building a robust and aggressive stance and overwhelm the opponent by hitting them from the front and the sides.