You want to build a team in FIFA Mobile but are uncertain about the squad formation, right? It happens when you have limited coins, but you want to play with full enthusiasm and take your opponent’s team down to the earth. But for this, one should have a perfect team with all the proficient players who have unpredictable skills like speed, maneuver, and ability to shoot the ball accurately.

Best Team In FIFA Mobile

Some FIFA Mobile users claim that it is just a game and all players are equally skilled in this virtual simulation. However, according to the game authorities, each player has something different plus, players like Mbappe or Ronaldo are more skilled in the game as compared to ordinary players, so building a team can create a great difference. Let’s dig into how one should build up a team in the La Liga TOTS FIFA Mobile in detail.

Teaming up is a skill in FIFA Mobile MOD APK, as one should understand the delicacy of all positions. For example, if you want a strong team, then choose all varieties of players instead of selecting aggressive midfielders or passive defensive players. Now, you may question why it is important to build a team in FIFA Mobile.

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Best Team In FIFA Mobile

The game is based on coins; the higher your coin level is, the richer you are in the game. These coins come through two activities, one of which is purchasing the premium account. On the other hand, you can earn more coins by playing and winning more and more tournaments in the game.

Importance Of Building Up Best Team In FIFA Mobile

Here comes the importance of building up the best team. If you have all skilled and impressive players like Ruben Dias or N’Golo, then no one can stop you from winning the tournament. As you win the tournament, the game will give you thousands of coins, so you will be able to purchase more formations, fields, and players; thus, building up the best team is a very crucial part of FIFA Mobile.

Basics To Build A Team

The very first foundation of building a team is to choose the formation. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is a way to organize the players on the field. Further, player selection plays a major role in the build-up process, and budget considerations are also important to consider.

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Formation is the way you organize the team in the game. For example, if you give 4 positions in the middle of the field and three positions in the front and back of the middle field. These formations play a major role in winning the match because if you have formed a team perfectly, then the chances are high that the victory is yours.

Types of Formations
  • 4 players in the back,3 players in the middle, and 3 in front.
  • 4 players in the back, 2 players in the middle, and 4 players in the front side.
  • 3 players in the back, 4 players in the middle, and 3 players in the front.
Players Selection

It is a very important part when you choose the players because they are the backbone of your game. Here, You should focus on the players as they should align with your formation. For example, if you have chosen the 3-4-3, then add three defensive, 4 midfielders experts, and 3 strikers in the team.

Best Players
  • Gerard Deulofeu (Attacker)
  • John McGinn (Midfielder)
  • Francis Coquelin (Midfielder)
  • Theo Hernandez (Defender)
  • Nick Pope (Defender)
  • Wout Weghorst (Attacker)
  • Jan Oblak (GoalKeeper)
  • Ruben Dias (Centerbacks)
  • Jordi Alba’s (Fullbacks)
  • Casemiro (Central Defensive Midfielder)
  • Lorenzo Insigne (Wide Midfielder)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Striker)
  • Kevin De Bruyne (Central Attacking Midfielder)
  • Messi (Winger)
  • Robert Lewandowski (Striker)

You can see a list of the best players in FIFA Mobile. If you are building up a team in the TOTS, then choose these ones, especially the Cristiano Ronaldo TOTS FIFA Mobile. According to statistics, Ronaldo is the best player in the game, with high overall ratings.

Best Players

TOTS is an event in FIFA Mobile that allows you to play with the league players. But every time you unlock a player, he has better skills than before. If you are planning to participate in TOTY, then follow my steps carefully and do not lose any matches.

Simple Steps To Participate In TOTY FIFA Mobile
  • Step 1: Create your team by choosing the players and field with formation.
  • Step 2: Play matches and do not lose at any cost.
  • Step 3: Collect the TOTS token.
  • Step 4: Exchange the token with players.

Erling HaalandManchester City
João CanceloFC Bayern Munich
Harry KaneTottenham Hotspur
Nabil FekirReal Betis
Federico ValverdeReal Madrid
Vinicius Jr.Real Madrid
Ritsu DoanSC Freiburg
Alphonso DaviesFC Bayern Munich
Bukayo SakaArsenal
Emiliano MartínezAston Villa
Wesley FofanaChelsea
Gleison BremerJuventus
Azzedine OunahiMarseille
Mike MaignanParis Saint-Germain
Nicolás OtamendiBenfica

Playing FIFA Mobile is an extraordinary experience as one uses problem-solving skills to play the game, chooses the better players that increase one’s ability to learn new experiences, and fulfills the need to play international-level football by using a handy device. But your enthusiasm to play the game may decrease if you do not win matches, so choose the team carefully and focus on the TOTY even to collect more and more coins. See which formation suits your players and choose a better field in order to win the match; go to play the game and rock the field.