The newer version of FIFA Mobile is here, and football players are going crazy over it. The game has several game modes and real-life players to make the mobile game exciting and thrilling. Even better, the gameplay has introduced several improvements and changes, which are in line with the new FIFA season.

FIFA Mobile Guide How To Play The Game

Want to know more about the game’s controls, modes, and improved features? Here is a complete FIFA Mobile guide for you to learn everything about winning this game.

FIFA Mobile is a football game developed by EA Sports to allow players to manage their football teams and compete against rivals. The game supports several real-life players, events, and tournaments that help you enjoy 3-D simulated leagues from across the world. The game starts with players collecting rewards and upgrading their teams to participate in tournaments across the globe with varying levels of difficulty.

About FIFA Mobile

Though FIFA Mobile MOD APK game controls are pretty straightforward, it is better that you get your hands on a few codes, actions, and buttons. Let us check out these buttons and learn how you can navigate the game interface using these actions.

FIFA Mobile Game Controls
  • Move the virtual stick for a move player.
  • Hold the sprint and skill button for a sprint.
  • Tap and swipe sprint and skill in any direction you want to sprint.
  • Double tap and hold the virtual stick for a face-up dribble.
  • Press and hold Pass while tapping behind any player to get a ground pass.
  • Press and hold Pass while swiping down to pass and go.
  • Press and hold Pass while swiping upward for a lob pass.
  • Press and hold through while tapping in front of any player for a ground pass-through.
  • Press and hold through while swiping upwards and double-tapping in front of your players for a lob-through pass.
  • Press and hold Pass while swiping up when in the crossing zone to cross the obstruction.
  • Press and hold Pass while swiping left for a ground cross.
  • Double-click Pass for a dink ground pass.
  • Double tap Through for a dink-through pass.
  • Press and hold Pass while swiping right on the screen to drive through pass.
  • Press and hold Pass while swiping left to drive lob pass.
  • Press and hold Through while swiping upward for a trigger run.
  • For a shot or header, press and hold the Shoot and swipe button in a straight line towards the goal.
  • Press or hold the Shoot button and swipe down in a curved line towards the goal to do a finesse shot.
  • Press or hold Shoot and tap on the goal to Clip Shot.
  • Press and hold the Shoot button and swipe left for a fake shot.
  • Tap Sprint and Tackle for manual Stand Tackle.
  • Hold Sprint and Tackle to press the Mark.
  • Move the virtual stick to contain.
  • To chase your goal away from the opponent, click Sprint and Tackle.
  • Press slide for the slide tackle.
  • Press clear for clearance.
  • Press 2nd Def for the second defender.
  • Press Switch for player switching.

FIFA Mobile’s newer version is here with numerous updated features and specifications. Want to know more about them? Keep on reading to know more about them.

Game Modes

FIFA mobile game has various game modes. Modes like Season, Head-to-Head, and Attack mode are designed on varying levels of difficulty. You can use these modes to enjoy a unique experience as you progress in the game.

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Team Building

The new version of FIFA mobile comes with players having the ability to make their own soccer teams. They are responsible for doing everything from player selection to formation and building strategies. It can help players increase their chances of winning the game.

Live Events

FIFA Mobile has live events that are updated regularly, which are not restricted to formal events but content like informal daily challenges and entertainment sources. Hence, you can get access to exclusive achievements and rewards. All you need to do is compete against other players and earn rewards.

Hard Tackle

The FIFA mobile has a powerful lunging stand tackle that allows players to crush attackers and perform shot blocks. As a defender, it helps you with faster and more powerful hard tackles against opponents.

Power Shot

This is definitely the fastest and hard-hitting shot type in the game; however, before performing one, do consider that it comes with a risk of reward mechanics. This is because it has a really high animation length that puts the player at risk of being tackled with the wind-up. Hence, it is better to practice the skill before unleashing this trick.

Knock On

Knock-on is a newer speed version that allows you to achieve full speed when you are performing dribbling and breaking away from the defender space. You can also accompany it with the Hard stop to enhance the team skill moves. The best part is that it allows swipe direction control for customized defending movements.

Now, let me tell you about its founder’s pack that is exclusive for users who will log into the game between 26th September and 30th November. It allows you to choose an ambassador player exclusive only to the founder’s pack. Here is a list of all the players included in this pack.

Who is New in the Founder’s Pack
  • Vinicius Junior from Real Madrid
  • Erling Haaland from Manchester City
  • Virgil Van Dijk from Liverpool FC
  • Son Heung Min from Tootenham Hotspur
  • Jude Bellingham from Real Madrid
  • Diogo Jota from Liverpool

Like everyone, are you excited to explore the new and improved FIFA Mobile game? Well, the only way to do this is to get access to its game controls and familiarize yourself with the new game modes, the interface, and how you can increase the chances of winning. I hope this guide was beneficial for you to get ahead of competitors while confronting adversaries in FIFA’s new season.