Don’t know how to change the stadium in FIFA Mobile? Do not fret; the changing process is simple and only requires a bit of your time. I am going to list simple steps that will teach you how to successfully change the stadium in FIFA Mobile, a popular football mobile game.

How To Change Stadium In FIFA Mobile

First of all, open the FIFA Mobile MOD APK on your mobile or any other device and log in to your account. After logging in, you will land at a homepage. Look for the option “Store,” located at the bottom right corner, represented by a shopping cart icon.

open the FIFA Mobile App

After opening the store, navigate to the “Event Shop” and click on it.  Afterward, on the left side, you will see a menu. From the list of options, press “Stadium”.

This option will display a list of stadiums, so select the one you want. Furthermore, in the list, you will find that some stadiums are locked, which means that you have not yet reached a certain level or rank. To unlock more stadiums, keep on participating in different events and improving your level.

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Buy The Stadium

You can purchase the stadiums in the FIFA Mobile game using either gems or stadium tokens. After clicking on your favorite stadium, you will see two options displaying the number of stadium tokens and gems you have. If you have enough stadium tokens, click on the tokens option to purchase the stadium.

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However, if you do not have enough stadium tokens, you can use gems to buy the stadium. After using the gems, press the “Tap to Open” button and then click on “Continue.” Afterward, compete in the match and click on the “Home Stadium” option to select the stadium that you just bought and start playing in it.

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The changing process is simple and straightforward as long as you have enough gems or tokens. To change the stadium in FIFA Mobile, go to the “Store” option present on the main menu, typically located at the bottom right corner. Afterward, click on the “Event shop” section and press the “Stadium” option.

How Do You Change Your Stadium On FIFA Mobile 22

Next, from the list of stadiums, select the one you can afford. After selecting one, either use gems or stadium tokens to buy the stadium. Lastly, go to the “Home Stadium” option to select the stadium you just purchased.

In conclusion, changing a stadium in FIFA Mobile is simple and only takes a few seconds. If you carefully follow the steps mentioned in the guide, you can effortlessly change your stadium. However, to purchase a stadium, you must have enough gems and stadium tokens.

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If you do not have stadium tokens, you can use gems to buy a stadium and vice versa. Additionally, you will find some stadiums locked; to unlock them, you must upgrade your level and rank.