Ranking up your players is one of the crucial aspects of the FIFA Mobile game that helps you upgrade their performance, abilities, and skills. Ranking up or leveling up is necessary as it increases the player’s OVR and attributes, including agility, acceleration, positioning, etc. In this guide, I will walk you through simple steps on how you can use rank items to increase the player’s ranking.

How To Use Rank Items In FIFA Mobile

Open the FIFA Mobile MOD APK on your mobile or any other device and enter your username and password to successfully sign into your gaming account. Next, navigate to the main menu and locate the “My Team” section, typically present in the right corner of the screen.

Launch the FIFA Mobile App On Your Mobile

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Next, locate the player whose training potential is already up to level 5. Afterward, click on the player, and three options will appear, select the “Training” option. This will direct you towards a page displaying the training information of a player.

Search For a Player With Training Levels Up to Five

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After the player reaches five training levels, they have the opportunity to use the special rank item for a particular position to increase the Overall (OVR) rating point by one. Furthermore, all of the attributes of the player, including acceleration, aggression, agility, crossing, and more, will also increase.

The costs for upgrading your player increase as you boost their attributes, but these costs remain the same no matter what the player’s initial Overall (OVR) was. For instance, if you wish to upgrade the player from 80 OVR to 85 OVR, it will require the same number of coins and Rank Items as upgrading a 90 OVR player to 95 OVR.

Use The Rank Item

Moreover, you also have the opportunity to shift the training ranks from one player to another. I especially love this feature since I can transfer one player’s OVR or rank to another. However, this transfer process can only be carried out under one condition: the player you wish to transfer the ranks to must at least have one level of training less than the original player.

Let me explain it to you in simple words: if one player has a Rank 5, you can transfer his rank to a player with a Rank 4 or less. This transfer process will cost you either FIFA points or a training transfer item.

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In conclusion, you definitely need to rank or level up your players if you wish to upgrade your player’s skills, attributes, and OVR. The ranking up is easy as long as you have rank items, which helps enhance the player’s stats. You can effortlessly rank the players by following the instructions provided in the guide.

Moreover, you also have the option to transfer one player’s rank to another player. However, there is one condition: the new player must at least have a rank lower than the original player for the transfer process to be successful.

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